Sunday, April 29, 2007

A week in Review

Pic of the week (Dallin rock'n to MO TAB Choir)

Hi everyone! Some of the recent news we'll share involves soccer, a guitar, a new job, and visits from cousins in Arizona, and Virginia. I'll start with soccer. Both Brock and Logan are deeply involved with soccer right now. This is Brocks' 4th year and Logans' 1st year. Brock will be trying out for competition in May. They have a day of tryouts in front of all the coaches. Then the coaches hand pick their players. I think the teams will have between 12 - 14 players. We'll keep you up to date on that event as it draws closer. Logan has 3 more years of recreation soccer before he can try out for competition. They both seem to enjoy the sport, very much. Dad grew up playing baseball and Mom took up dancing, so this is a fun, new learning experience for Mom and Dad as well.

Dad started a new job on Monday. Electronic Marketing Systems (EMS) is the name. He'll be sharpening his website building and marketing skills, by coaching individuals who have recently purchased a website and need help building, designing, choosing a product, or service to sell on the website and then marketing it to the world. Best of all he gets to return to his home everynight instead of a hotel room. He also plans to continue originating home loans on the side. Check out his newest website

Brock and Logan have recently taken up guitar lessons. They meet with their "Rock Star" Uncle Dustin every Monday for half our lessons. Dustin says Brock should pick it up rather quickly because of his long fingers. I also here long fingers are great for those "hard to reach boogers in your nose" :) We also have the famous Pinewood Derby coming to town. This will be Brock's first time participating. We havn't started building yet and only have 2 weeks before race day. We've been stuck on the "Theme" phase for a month now. Any winner ideas are welcome.

This week also included some wonderful visits from distant cousins. Distant meaning they live outside of Happy Valley. My cousin Laura Moore and her son flew out from Virginia. We were able to celebrate her birthday before she left. Everyone met at my mom's for cake and ice cream. Her brothers Sam and Daivd were also there. That evening my cousins from Mesa, Arizona came to the house and visited. Dusty and his wife Mandy blessed us with their presence along with the newest addition to their family, Kimbal (1 month old) he is so tiny. We parents, quickly forget how little our babies were. They grow up so fast. It was a blast. I almost forgot. Jessie came by as well. She recently graduated from BYU and now teaches 5th grade in the gettos of Phoenix. She mentioned that she has had problems with the kids bringing weapons to class. Scarry! Thanks for the visit Dusty, Mandy, Kimbal and Jessie. We love you.

My mom and dad returned last Sunday from a trip to Portugal. I don't have many details to share with you, yet, but as soon as I do I will post a new blog with the details. However, there is a rumor floating around about dad making a fool of himself in the airport after taking ambien (sleep aid) on the plane 2 hours before landing. When I get the full scoop I'll return and report. Mom and Dad drove us by their new home that's under construction. The foundation is in and the framing is about 90% done. They expect to move in around Oct/Nov.

To finish our week Brittany and I went to a movie Friday night. Dave and Kelly joined us. We saw Blades of Glory. It stars Will Ferrell and John Heder. It's a spoof on the lives of olympic skaters. Its extremely funny. In fact one scene made us laugh so hard Brittany wet her pants (week bladder).

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day at the Museum

Easter 2007

Hi everyone! This is our first attempt at a blog. We hope to share our family Happenings with the ones closest to us and keep in touch more frequently. This seems to be an easier way of doing so than sending a mass email to everyone. Which seems to end up being returned because of spam or file size issues. Happy reading!

Our most recent family outing was to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Rebecca (my sister) and her boys met up with us. The museum has plenty of breath taking Dinosaurs and exhibits. The tour lasted about an hour. The boys had fun running from one exhibit to another. Including Dallin our youngest son. We first had him strapped in a stroller but that lasted about 2 minutes, and then he wanted out. He did quite well keeping up with the older boys. He may have had an easier time keeping up if it wasn't for his security blanket and binki.

The museum had a couple of activities for the kids. Digging for fossils in the sand was a big hit. Also, taking pictures in front of a Giant Great White Shark caused some hearts to skip a beat or two.

When we first started the tour I asked Brock what the people are called that dig for "Dino" Bones and artifacts. He responded with out hesitating "Paleontologists". I guess the school system isn't that bad after-all.

At the end of the tour the kids found a machine in the lobby that stretches pennies and adds a dinosaur imprint on one side of the coin. This turned out to be their souvenir to take home.

The day ended with having pizza at The Brick Oven in Provo.