Saturday, September 12, 2009

Logan Brithday

Logan turned 8 when we were in Texas. We had a blast hanging out together. Thanks Christensen family for making his day so great.

Jared and Bret
So sweet.

The boys with their silly prizes they won.


We had such a fun trip to Texas. We stayed with my brother Bret and his family. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. Thanks Bret and Caleen for making our trip so fun. This is Boston on his first plane ride. He was such an angle the whole trip never cried. it was so nice.
The boys loved their pool.

Logan loved all the pets they had for him to play with. This is a toad they found in their yard. Gross

We even got to see Adain and Chases football games.
Dallin loved playing with all the boys.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Brock and Logan with their cousins Chase and Aiden Post Game

Brock, Jared and Logan showing off their post game buggars

Worlds largest HD television. It's 60 yards in length. I hear that Costco has a few in stock :)

This is the entrance to the Dallas Cowboys Billion Dollar Stadium

Our pre-game photo. I don't know the people in red. They just asked to be in the picture. Weird!
Actually these are the Christensen's. Brittany's brother Bret and his sons Chase and Aiden. They were very kind to let us stay with them in Dallas. As you can tell they are Utah fans but they actually cheered for BYU to win. They had a few hecklers and some wondering if they were attending the wrong game. What an experience. It also happened to be Logan's Birthday. After the win he said that this was the best birthday ever! I can't argue with that.