Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boston at Primary Children's

Boston had to have surgery a few day ago at Primary Children's. He had a Hypospadias he was born with that need to be fixed. He was so brave. I was a mess the whole day worried about him. We had a ruff couple of days but he his feeling a lot better now.

He was so sweet.

New member of the family

Logan has been wanting to get a gecko for so long. We finally gave in. We got him a crested gecko. Logan loves it. He named it Geico.

Surprise breakfast

Logan the other morning surprised us all with breakfast. He had got up early to make egg and toast. It was delicious. He said his special ingredient was lemon pepper.

Football season

Brock is playing football this year and loving it so much. He is running back and has scored two touch downs so far this season. We have so much fun watching him play.

Baby Boston loves the games.
Dallin fell asleep last game.


Brock earned his Arrow of light last Pack meeting. We are so proud of him.
Logan is a scout now and is loving every second of it.
Brock and Bronson got their Arrow of lights the same night.

First day of school

The Boys on their first day of school.

Last days of summer

Having diner in the tree house.

Riding the train at the family reunion.

Dallin and Emmie riding the little Thomas the train.

Logan at the Real soccer game. He got to go down on the field with his team.