Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer Vacation "Sun Valley" 2007

Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful memories. We loved all the fun activites with everyone. Thanks for being such wonderful parents, aunts, uncles, brother in-laws cousins and sisters. You all mean the world to Brittany and I and the boys.
Brock's 1st horseback ride

Dad's last horseback ride

Brock and cousin Gaje

Gaje(Cousin), Brock, Rebecca(Aunt), Cienna(Cousin)

Logan and Mica(Cousin) best buds

Ice skating at the famous Sun Valley ice arena.

Bowling in the old school bowling ally in the basement of the lodge



Dallin playing his favorite arcade game

Sun Valley ice arena

Logan showing off his skating skills

Papa Tom and Gaje

Brittany and Jared rehearsing their ice routine for the blades of glory tryouts

Michelle Burgi showing off her stuff

Tearing it up at the Ketchum skate park


Tony Hawk


The Brockster tearing it up

Ice cream after a family bike ride

Logan's personal damn

Brock and Gaje build a bridge so they could cross the stream in front of our condo

Dad waiting patiently for his pizza

Larry Miller Race Track

Souped up mustangs for racing

Jared, just finishing his ride. Top speed 110 mph average speed around the turns 65 mph

Skater Boys!

Brock, Logan and Dallin and their cousin Bronson all got new skateboards for summer.

Dallin turns 2

Dallin with his brothers and cousins

Great Grandmother, Dallin and his dad

I love presents

My soccer cake. Yum! Yum!