Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dad filling in for Mom at the Mom and me class. (left). Logan and his swim instructor.(right)

The boys started swimming lessons last week. Dallin and Mom get to do a Mom and me class while the two older boys improve on their swimming skills from their respective swim instructors. They wake up each morning and put on their swim suits and robes. Dallin loves to be in the water. Logan likes to see how deep he can dive. Brock spends his spare time working on his breaststroke and kick. Dallin likes blowing bubbles and floating on his back.
Dallin's first scooter ride with grandpa Blayne.

Orem Summerfest

Every year in June Orem city celebrates the start of Summer. Festivities begin on Friday and end on Saturday night with a beautiful display of fireworks. This year we attended the parade and stayed up late to enjoy the fireworks. The boys and dad got in the truck and drove to a spot close to the firework display. We take blankets and pillows and snuggle in the back of the truck. The boys like the fact they get to stay up past their normal bedtime.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Eagle Nest

On our drive home from Fathers and Sons we happened upon a magnificent work of nature. An Eagles Nest.

Fathers and Sons 2007

Last weekend the boys and I packed up the truck for our annual fathers and sons camp out. This year the location was at the Wasatch State Park. This is near Midway, Utah, right next to the Wasatch golf course. The campground is private and is only used by the park rangers assigned to the area. We happen to have a ranger in our Elders Quorum presidency. The campground was awesome. Lots of shade and grass, picnic tables, electricity and plumbing. I guess you could say we were a little spoiled. Nonetheless, we were still subject to the rest of natures elements; spiders, bees, ants, dirt and smoke. In fact, as I was retiring for bed that night I found myself squeezing my pant leg and I heard something crunch between my fingers. I took off my pants and found a spider the size of nickle, that I had smashed. It sort of creeped me out. Well, we arrived on Friday afternoon. We were the first ones to arrive. We picked a spot to setup our tent. Being first to arrive has it's advantages. The tent went up rather quickly. So the boys went off exploring while my bro. in law Dave, and I, organized our preparations for dinner. We usually go all out for the dinner meal. Dave brought 4 rib eye steaks, two plates of cut up potatoes and veggies, and 2 packages of bratwurst. I brought 2 slabs of baby back ribs, and corn on the cob. If we weren't such pigs, we could have fed the entire camp that night. Dave and I love a great barbecue. Brock was very careful about how much food he ate. On our last camp out he pigged out, and I ended up paying the price that night by cleaning throw up in the tent in the middle of the night. We took every precaution to make sure that didn't happen again this year. The boys found themselves whittling pieces of wood most of that evening. Brock and Logan both have their own pocket knives. Boys this age are so infatuated with knives. Fortunately we didn't loose any fingers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Memorial Day Bike Ride

On memorial day we decided to be adventurous and plan a bike ride up Provo canyon. There were 13 riders in all, between my family, Dad, Shana's family and Michelle and her husband Paul (who hope to begin their family sometime this year). We had quite the convoy. We began our ride at the mouth of Provo canyon and rode up to the Mt. Timpanogos Storytelling park. About 1 mile one way. Everyone got a good work-out, even the kids. I am happy to report no major injuries. After our ride we met back at mom and dad's house for brunch. The kids played in the backyard while the adults made breakfast. We had quite the feast; hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausage, a wonderful fruit tray and all the juices to quench your thirst. Lets try and make this an annual tradition. Maybe next year we can make it to Bridal Veil Falls. Start training!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Spring Photos

Drivers Start Your Engines!

The annual pinewood derby made a tour stop in our ward a few weeks ago. The table saws, sanders, paintbrushes and hammers were dusted off and put to work. Brock spent a few days coming up with the design. Dave let us use his saw to cut out the design. After a few hours of sanding and shaping we were ready for the first coat of paint. Brock wanted to use the REAL Salt Lake soccer team colors. So we went with a red, blue and gold theme. We applied the decals weights axles and wheels. Weigh-in was on a Saturday. This is where the scout master provides a scale for the boys to weigh their cars. They can't exceed 5 ounces. Brock's car weighed in at 4.8 ounces. Tuesday was race day. Brock, Logan and Dallin had so much fun watch those cars race down the wooden track. Dallin sat on Dave's lap the hole time clapping and cheering. After several heats the results were in. Out of 13 cars Brock had the 5th fastest time. His cousin Bronson beat Brock's time by .04 seconds. Job well done boys! Not bad for your first pinewood derby.

Finishing another season

Brock and Logan have just completed another successful soccer season. They will take the summer off and begin again in the fall. Brock recently tried out for double A league, which is a competitive league. He found out later that night that he was chosen. About 45 kids tried out and there was only room for about 30. Congratulations Brock! We are very proud of you and your desire and hard work. Logan had a great season as well. Great Job guys!

Cabin Fever

Recently we drove up to an area called Timberlakes near Heber, Utah. My sister Shana, invited us up to their new cabin. What a beautiful area. The cabin is surrounded by aspens and pine trees and sits on about an acre of land for the kids to run around on. The kids found themselves playing around the various piles of snow that haven't melted from winter. We had a wonderful dinner and dessert, played games and wathed some tv. The cabin is very cozy and decorated beautifully. Thanks Shana and Curt for having us.